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Jessa Pansy Floral Midi Dress


"My dreamiest fantasy day... My boyfriend and I are long distance, and coming up with fantasies is something we're no stranger to. We have plans to meet this summer, where I actually think this dream may become real :) He is planning to fly and come see me; and due to Covid we're going to be isolating on a private beach for the week. We'll get to drink wine, watch the waves, dance to our favorite songs, and make food over a fire. We have plans to go into the city after, to visit the music store (we're both musicians) and celebrate our anniversary watching a string quartet with some new, interesting foods in Jessa Pansy Floral Midi Dress. --- @shylocksgreen "







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    Product Descriptions
    • Slim
    • Floral pattern
    • Cowl Neck
    • 100% polyester
    • Sleeveless
    • Midi dress
    • Dresses
    Care Instruction
    • Machine wash with cold water

      Machine wash with cold water

    • Do not bleach

      Do not bleach

    • Tumble dry with low heat

      Tumble dry with low heat

    • Iron on low heat

      Iron on low heat